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To download all these locators in a single package, click on the download button to the right. Follow the installation instructions included in the package.

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Scroll down this page for more information about installing individual locators, and for guidelines on making your own locator.

• Concentric Rings
• Rounded Square - Small
• Rounded Square - Large

To download a single locator:

  • Control-Click on the locator, and select 'Save Image to the Desktop' from the popup menu.

  • Switch to the Finder and open your Pictures folder (located at the top level of your Home folder).

  • Move the 'MouseLocator.png' file from the Desktop to the top level of your Pictures folder. Do not rename the file.

  • Open the System Preferences, and select Mouse Locator.

  • If on, turn off the 'Activate Mouse Locator' checkbox.

  • Next, turn on the 'Activate Mouse Locator' checkbox. Mouse Locator will then locate the 'MouseLocator.png' file that you saved previously and use the new graphic for the locator.

  • Click the 'Test' button to try out the new locator.

To create your own locator:

When Mouse Locator is activated, it looks for a PNG file named 'MouseLocator.png' at the top level of the Pictures folder, which is within your Home folder.

You can create any graphic you like, and as long as you save it in PNG format, and name it as described, Mouse Locator will use it for the locator graphic.

There are a couple of points to be aware of to get the best from your locator.

  • If the software you are using supports transparency, make use of it.

  • Keep the locator to a reasonable size. Large locators tend to move less smoothly with the mouse. About 120 x 120 pixels is a good size.

  • Save your locator as a 24 bit PNG, as any transparency performs better at this depth.

  • Keep the area under the point of the mouse transparent, so that when you dismiss the locator with a mouse click, you can see what you are clicking on.

  • Create your locator at a larger size, and scale it down as the last operation before creating the PNG file. Save your original at the larger size.

  • Create a simple grid locator and use that as a reference for aligning your locator with the Mouse pointer arrow. The centre of the locator image is offset 2 pixels to the right and 8 pixels down from the tip of the arrow pointer, or 'hot point'.

If you create a locator that you want to share, click here to send it to us and we will display it on this site for others to download.

Please do not place any licensing or distribution restrictions on your locators. Web hosted license agreements, (html, pdf or otherwise), give no guarantee against subsequent modification, and 2POINT5FISH.COM is not prepared distribute locators with such restrictions.

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