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This nifty piece of freeware surrounds the cursor with a very obvious green double circle when a hotkey is pressed (or permanently, if the user so desires). Perfect for users with poor or failing sight, or those people who get sick of hunting for tiny cross-hair cursors when using Photoshop on large monitors.

MacFormat magazine - v1.1, July 2006, (issue 171, page 96)

MacFormat Choice - 5 Stars

[Score: 8 out of 10]

Mac OS X Hints - Pick Of The Week

I have two fairly-sizable displays, and I'd often find myself flicking the mouse about wildly, trying to locate the cursor..... Mouse Locator is perfect for what I need. ..... I love this system preferences panel. I no longer have to do the repetitive mouse flick to find my cursor when I return after an absence. As soon as I start moving the mouse, it lets me know where it is on the screen.

Rob Griffiths - v1.0, 20th February, 2006, macosxhints - Pick Of The Week

Excellent and much needed utility. A perfect combination of form and function!
MacHead - v0.992b, 15th March, 2005, VersionTracker

Perfect for 20 inch display

Finally a little utility that helps me find the damn cursor in the vast area of my 20 inch AluDisplay. Especially useful when the cursor has turned into a text vertical line making it ever so hard to locate it.
CescoMtl - v0.992b, 15th March, 2005, VersionTracker

Great little Utility
lezone - v0.992b, 19th March, 2005, VersionTracker

Nice stuff ... It does what it says ... it's a nice little program.
512Kmac - v0.992b, 25th March, 2005, VersionTracker

It's a neat little app.
yoxi - v0.992b, 20th March, 2005, MacUpdate

Unbelievable useful little program that I just tried out for fun. But as my background-pics rotate randomly I sometimes had problems locating the cursor, but that's gone now :-)
Stephan Huebner - v0.992b, 21st March, 2005, MacUpdate

great lil preference deal ... thanx
omtc - v0.992b, 21st March, 2005, MacUpdate

Cool app.
Sam Rae - v0.992b, 22nd March, 2005, MacUpdate

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